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The Amanda & Stacy Darling Memorial Tennis Center will be closed on New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving & Family Day, and Christmas Day.

Center Rules & Regulations

Darling Center staff are on duty in the facility during all hours of operation or whenever the facility is open to the public.

The facility is open to anyone entering for specific programs, activities or other official tennis related business.

The Facility Manager may implement any action deemed necessary to protect the health and welfare of the public, employees or the facility.

Only Darling Tennis Center tennis instructors are authorized to teach at the facility. Outside instructors will be asked to leave the facility and cardholders may have their privileges revoked.

Unattended children under 12 are not permitted court side or in lounge or lobby areas without approval of DTC staff.

Appropriate tennis attire must be worn on the court while playing.

Shirts must be worn.
Tennis shoes are required on all courts.

The following is prohibited within or on the premises of the facility:
Smoking within the building or within the fenced area.
Alcoholic beverages except where special permission has been received.
Water or sports drinks are the ONLY liquid permitted on the courts.
No food, gum, or tobacco is permitted on the courts.
Weapons are prohibited on the center premises. Weapons include, but are not limited to: firearms, toy guns, knives (including pocket knives), mace, brass knuckles, and any weapons related to the martial arts or any item deemed dangerous by the Deputy City Marshals, Metro Police, and Center staff.

Profanity, loud noises, racquet throwing, abuse of City property, etc. will not be tolerated.
Failure to comply will result in suspension from the facility.

All tournament players and spectators are expected to follow the USTA code of conduct; if anyone at any time behaves disrespectfully toward others, they will be asked to leave the facility. Depending on the severity of the behavior, individuals may be banned from any future use of the facility.

All participants and/or groups using the facility shall be responsible for any personal items brought into the facility and shall remove same at the end of each scheduled use time. All DTC owned equipment must be returned to its designated place within the facility as directed by the Facility Manager. CJMS Tennis Management, LLC (the facility operator or the City of Las Vegas, shall not be liable for any personal belongings brought into and/or left unattended at the center.

Tournaments and league play take precedence over members and/or the public if at any time all courts are needed for these events.

Motorized and non-motorized modes of transport with wheels (including skateboards) are not permitted within the facility.

Guests are asked not to eat within the lobby on carpet or other non-designated areas.

No animals of any kind except those serving the needs of the disabled

Center Reservations & Lesson Fees

Each participant must pay an hourly rate upon entry into the facility.

Individual court reservations may be made in person or by calling the tennis center.

All court and private lesson fees must be paid prior to taking the court. Reserved courts that have not been claimed and paid for 10 minutes after the scheduled time will be released to waiting parties.

Reservations may not be made more than two days in advance. Exception: Annual pass holders may make court reservations up to six days in advance.

Anyone who has made a court reservation and fails to appear shall pay a penalty equal to the current singles rate or future play may be denied.

Tennis Lesson Cancellation Policy: A 4 Hour Cancellation notification must be provided to the tennis professional or the individual will be charged the lesson rate.

Persons making court reservations and/or scheduling private lessons are responsible for paying those fees when checking in to use the court or prior to taking the lesson. The Darling Tennis Center may deny service to those individuals who do not show up for court reservations or private lessons and/or add penalty fees to the individual's account.

Rules for Court Use

Please be quiet when walking or waiting behind courts.

When claiming a court, wait until the exiting players have finished a point or rally before entering.

As a courtesy to players with a reservation following yours, please be ready to exit a court at the exact end of your reserved time.

Do not enter adjacent courts (when in use) to retrieve stray balls. Wait until your neighboring players have finished a point, and then ask them to return your ball.

Special Events

Outside groups wishing to serve alcohol must complete an Application for Special Alcohol Use Permit with the Las Vegas City Department of Business Licensing.

Upon request of the Facility Manager, security will be required (at the user's expense) and proof of general liability insurance will be required.

Persons/groups using the facility shall be responsible for the breakage, loss or damage to the facility and equipment and shall bear the full replacement cost for such breakage, loss, or damage.


The Darling Tennis Center provides tennis instruction for players at every skill level.

In addition to lessons, Darling offers offers opportunities for league play, ladders and social activities.

The Darling Tennis Center organizes and promotes both junior and adult tournaments or varying skill levels (i.e., local, state, sectional, national and professional).

Sale of Goods

Tucker's Tennis currently operates a pro shop at the Darling Tennis Center. No other vendors may provide or sell goods or services at the Darling Tennis Center without prior approval from the Facility Manager.


Guests caught vandalizing property will forfeit their attendance rights to the facility and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Parent/Guest Suspension Policy

1. Suspension is warranted by aggressive acts to peers and or/staff. This includes fist, arm, body or use of object to cause harm thus resulting in harm to others.

Aggressive behavior includes, but is not limited to:
Hitting peers and/or staff.
Throwing objects that could result in harm to peers and/or staff.
Destruction of center or site property, i.e. intentionally breaking windows and/or equipment of any kind.
Body holds causing peers and/or staff to fall or receive injury.

2. A participant will be suspended for a maximum of 2 days if he/she commits a defined Aggressive behavior or receives a second Disciplinary Report.

The third day will be considered a probationary day.
Should a minor (through age 17) participant demonstrate NON-COMPLIANT behavior which results in a suspension, the parent/guardian will be notified and will be required to meet with staff. Participant may not return to the program until a parent/guardian conference has been conducted. Should an adult (18+) demonstrate NON-COMPLIANT behavior, they may not return to the Center until a conference has been conducted.

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