DTC High Performance

The DTC junior competitive pathway is designed for the dedicated and hard working junior player to reach his / her maximum potential. The program consists of on – court instruction, match play, mental training, nutrition and fitness training.



Coach Saad Ashraf with top students 



Noah Dufort

#1 Ranked Boys 18s



Michael Andre

#1 Ranked Boys 16s



Richter Jordann

#1 Ranked Boys 16s

Coaching Philosophy.

  • Use tennis as a way to teach kids life lessons. Learning how to handle failure and success will serve them for a lifetime.
  • We spend equal time developing the ‘person’ and the ‘athlete’ as we do the ‘tennis player’. Our goal is to teach kids balance, how to manage their time as well as self reliance. We want students to be independent and able to use creative thinking to solve their own problems both on and off the court.
  • Put the athlete first and develop a team around them. Encourage parent involvement. Encourage communication between player, parent, coach, and trainer.
  • Emphasize striving for excellence. Teach kids to focus on improvement and not results. Strive to improve on all areas of their game. (Physical, Technical, Mental.)
  • Emphasize sportsmanship and the spirit of competition. Create a competitive environment in practice to better prepare for tournaments. Teach kids how to behave at tournaments with directors, referees, other coaches, other parents, and other kids. 

High Performance Videos

Current Darling Students & Collegiate Alumni

Collegiate Placement Program

At Darling Tennis Center we spend equal time developing the person and the athlete as we do the tennis player. One of our main goals is to find a college that is the best personal fit for each student, athletically and academically.

We assist our students in developing a solid plan that lays out schools of interest and the necessary steps to obtaining their goals. Resume building, videotaping, and communication between our staff and the network of college coaches we keep in contact with is all part of our steps that help our students grow to their full potential athletically and academically.

High Performance Coaches
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RSVP by Feb. 20th 7901 W. Washington Ave. Friday 23 february 2018 Open Event 24 march Mutterspaw Championships USTA Level 3 Tournament USTA National Level 3 Tournament. Entries Close Thursday March 1st, 2018 7901 W. Washington Ave. saturday 24 march 2018 monday 26 march 2018 Open Event 21 april USTA National Level 3 Tournament Darling Memorial Tennis Center USTA National Level 3 Tournament Entries Close Thursday March 29th, 2018 7901 W. Washington Ave. saturday 21 april 2018 monday 23 april 2018 Open Event 07 june Darling Summer Challenger Level 7 Tournament Entries close June 5th Darling Tennis Center Summer Challenger USTA Level 7 Tournament. 7901 W. Washington Ave. thursday 7 june 2018 sunday 10 june 2018 Open Event 21 june Rising Stars Shootout District Open Level 6 Tournament USTA Intermountain District Open Level 6 Tournament. Entries Close Tuesday June 19th, 2018 7901 W. 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DTC High Performance Levels

(11 years old and under)
Develop basic parts of the game such as movement, athletic base, stroke production and consistency.
High Performance
Group Options
(12 years old plus with advanced ranking)
Students competing or whose goals are to compete in national level 1 & 2 tournaments.

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