Junior Development


Our mission is to teach students proper technique and create the athletic foundation necessary for juniors to compete and grow their game toward any desired goal from recreational to college level or beyond.


$30 For Unlimited Junior Beginner Groups For 30 Days. All Ages All Welcomed, Offer Applys To New Sign Ups And Is Valid For The Month Of May.

 Junior Development Groups

Pee Wee
(3 to 5 years old)
Develop basic Agility, Balance and Coordination skills.
Red Ball 36 ft court.
Beginners Red
(5 to 8 years old)
Develop ABC’s, racquet skills and movement to the ball.
Red Ball 36 ft court.
Beginners Orange
(8 to 11 years old)
Develop coordination, racket skills and movement to the ball.
Orange Ball 60ft. court.
Bronze Stars
(6 to 8 years old)
Continue to develop Agilty, Balance and  Coordination. Rally over a greater distance, start to move from cooperative to competitive play.
Red Ball 36ft court.
Silver Stars
(7 to 10 years old)
Continue to develop ABC’s and
introduce the 60 foot court.
Cooperative to competitive element. Orange Ball 60 ft court.
Gold Stars
(8-11 years old)
Emphasis on advanced ABC’s, stroke development and competitive match play preparation for MS / HS  Aces or
High Performance program.
Green Dot Ball full 78 ft court.

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Junior Beginner 30 for 30 Program

Sign up for our Junior Beginners 30 for 30 Program. Pay $30 for 30 Days of unlimited junior groups for the month of May!. Offer is Valid for the month of May and for New Sign Ups. Leave us your email or call 702-229-2100 for more info.

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